Church Security Teams

My specialty is defensive tactics techniques that focus on weapon retention and weapon disarming. I have noticed that most church security teams allow members who are properly trained to carry firearms to defend the congregation in the event of a security emergency, however I've also noticed that none of these churches provide or require any defensive tactics training for what to do in the event that the bad guy creating your security emergency tries to disarm your security team member.

The liability associated with any possible injuries or deaths created by a bad guy disarming one of your security team members then using that weapon to injure or kill members of your congregation or the general public is astronomical. I provide training that will give real world skills and real civil court defensible preparation. Simply going to the range to shoot paper targets once or twice a year is NOT enough training to sufficiently prepare security team members for what they may face in real life or what the church may face in civil court.

I have a curriculum that will prepare security team members for high liability issues that target shooting practice alone does not.