CWP Holders

I provide real world, tested and proven defensive tactics for concealed carry weapon permit holders and practitioners.

If you are a CCW permit holder you should be proud of your accomplishment and your resolve to defend yourself, your family and your community. BUT, a class on law and liability with a couple of hours on the range shooting paper has not prepared you for the real world risks and possibilities you could face. That training is just the beginning of your journey to being completely prepared for personal defense.

The weapon you will use to defend you and your families life is of no use to you if you are disarmed by an attacker. You need close quarters defensive tactics of weapon retention both in and out of the holster along with weapon disarming of both handguns and long guns. Prepare for all of the possible situations you may have to defend against as a CCW carrier, not just aiming and shooting - you can't aim and shoot a gun that was just taken away from you!